VPN vs Proxy: What is Better for Secure Connection?

The fundamental principle of operation as Joe explains in the video is premised on the VPN vs. proxy server. On the surface of the two, you should note that there is no difference between VPN and Proxy because they function by hiding users’ IP address from websites and other services. However, their similarities end at hiding the IP.


Succinctly, the video explains that VPN and proxy differ in support, privacy, configuration, and security. To begin with, VPNs, unlike proxies, are configured at system levels to allow your traffic to go through the VPN in encrypted connections. On the other hand, the proxy provides you with configurations at the app level. Thus, you can only connect through a given software after you have modified the settings.

Other comparison between proxy and VPN is security and spoiler. VPN is more secure than Proxy because the former encrypts all the data terminating from the server. But, proxy depends on HTTP for privacies, and in some cases, you may fail to add HTTP which in turn, compromises your security online.

What are VPN and Proxy?


VPN makers have developed a type of connection for users enabling you to create a private and secure connection from your location to another. Creating such link consequently, allows you to hide your actual location. Accordingly, VPN settings enable your computers to create an encrypted virtual pathway or tunnel from the server of the VPN. With VPNs, the internet traffic from your computer passes through the encrypted path to prevent the data from third parties.
What to choose: Proxy or VPN?

Benefits of VPN and Proxy


Proxy servers provide basic and straightforward security online solutions that include confidentialities, and privacies to the data and security. All the information including web traffic from your internet activity is first, channeled to the your identified proxy server which then, retrieves or obtains the website or data requested and finally, relays the data back to you. The interpretation of this information is that any site quarried for a visit will only see the proxy server IP address but not your activities. The process of proxy querying and set up is as shown below.
process of proxy server setup


  1. The underlying benefit of VPN is what app or software development company term as VPN gate. Accordingly, you will benefit from VPNs because their connections are more secure besides providing easy levels of configuration. It is for this reasons that commercial VPNs are popular especially, for users who want to remain anonymous continuously.
  2. Secondly, VPNs allow you to mask both their IP address from third parties and at the same time, provide more profound levels of your anonymity. The combination of the two features will allow you to obscure identity. Better still, they do not keep logs of requests you send making it difficult for third parties to activities at a later date even when the IP is hidden.
  3. Thirdly, VPNs will offer you different servers so to connect to when visiting various websites. This feature provides a superior solution as it ensures internet users bypass locks from some regions. For instance, with VPNs, you can go seamlessly from UK-only content to US-only content and still, find a trustworthy server.


Proxies come with benefits especially to internet users who are still learning the basics of how to be anonymous online. They offer you with necessary and straightforward privacy connections, and you are only supposed to adjust the settings to connect to proxy servers. Secondly, with proxies, you are sure that any websites you request will see the IP address of the given proxy server and yours. While this feature you are assured of protection against third party surveillance besides guaranteeing that your traffics remain anonymous.
Other than obscuring your IP address, when using proxies you will be sure that you are protected from unwarranted adverts since advertisement servers will not be able to log your IP address. Proxy server connections are set within your search engines like Chrome or Firefox. Thus, you will not require a software developer or client software.

VPN Wins?

From the analysis above, using VPNs over proxies is a recommendation because the later offers the needed privacy and network security. Explicitly, for VPNs, you will be guaranteed of software where providers host your server networks. Therefore, users will not be worried about going through some preset random IP as it is the case with proxy servers. Additionally, VPN providers ensure that you are not concerned about being tied to unique or specific random IP address.
VPN better than Proxy
Unlike proxies, VPNs ensures that you are log-less after internet activities. In most cases, proxies will keep detailed user logs meaning that a third party can still trace you even with hidden IPs. The benefit of VPNs not keeping the records is that you will be able to encrypt your internet connections even on public Wi-Fi networks without worrying that someone is spying on your activities. In most cases, when you go with proxies while using public Wi-Fi networks, they only hide your IP, but with VPNs, automatic encryption of any other network connections is guaranteed. The benefit automatically and instantly makes it possible to turn café public Wi-Fi networks into a secure system/network.

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