Strategies for App Branding that Really Works

The importance of branding an app

It is of great significance for you after app development project to undertake app branding to offer success opportunities and begin to generate revenue for your business. You need to understand that a complete and successful brand involves a combination of several elements such as logo, name, the product, and website among others.

Branding for mobile application
Branding adds an incredible human feeling and a meaning to your app. Therefore, you should ensure that your mobile app informs its users about the services and products your business offers. The paper explores to shed some light on some of the best app branding techniques.


mobile app branding strategy


Achieving excellent user experience through proper app branding is a significant advantage in attaining the success of your project. Therefore, the user experience is one of the core considerations you should take towards the achievement of your brand’s app. for you to see to it that your clients perceive the brand as you would wish them to, it is necessary for you to define the brand promises on the bases of user experience.

UX is very important

To win the trust of users, you need to ensure that the brand offers them a consistent experience. Ensuring consistency of your app is a significant boost in attaining a substantial amount of customer’s trust and understanding of your brand. Bugs and problems usually impact application’s user experience negatively and, therefore, you should ensure that users do not encounter any in your app.
More so, to further enhance the user experience, consider including:

  • support section;
  • tooltips;
  • tutorials;
  • textual prompts.

Good user experience makes users talk good about your brand which helps in gaining more ground in the market. Therefore, you should strive to ensure that you enhance appreciation of your brand amongst the customers by considering incorporation of the right user experience support during the design and development of the application.

To achieve a proper understanding of user preferences and their choices you can use several technologies such as:

  • artificial intelligence (AI);
  • near field communication (NFC);
  • and machine learning.

You can only improve your brands’ image by attaining a personalised user experience by capitalising on user data from different sources.

Best name

It is crucial for the app developer to make a good choice of your apps’ name to enhance branding your mobile app efforts during its development process. With the appropriate name, it makes it easy for your mobile application to establish in the android market quickly. However, you should make sure that the name you coin for your mobile app does not exist in the market or the apps store.

Also, ensure that the name of your app relates to the brand the application will be in support. Therefore, name your app concerning its usage and functionalities. More so, consider using a name that will make users easily identify, pronounce, and remember. A better way to go about naming the mobile app as a developer is by referencing and picking on one of the highlighted names by a trustful group.

Good Icon

A wrong choice of the app icon and its logo does not give your app an attractive and recognisable look in the market. As a developer, you should avoid the use of the logo as an icon a common mistake many commits. Therefore, consider using a complementing symbol different from your logo to substantiate the apps name for establishing a connection with its users. The use of a right icon will always make your app stand out amongst other thousands of Android and iOS applications in the market.

To ensure that your app attracts and connects with a large number of users out there, emphasise making sure that your app icon does complement the app’s colour scheme. To further enhance branding, ensure that your symbol directly refers to your application. A successful selection of a symbol that connects and bonds with the users, you should create multiple icons then compare them to establish the one that best fits the user needs.

Possibility to share

Social networks have become the centre of business attraction to which they sell out their services and products by making potential consumers aware of their existence. Like most mobile apps company, you should make good use of social media by incorporating share functionalities within your application.
Add possibility to share
With share capabilities, you are assured of your brand gaining popularity in the market. As a developer, your primary focus should be to develop a mobile application brand that allows users to share and spread information about your application through many channels such as social networks, emails, and text messages.


To promote your brand through a mobile app, you should ensure that your app enables users to customise app features and interactions to meet their needs. Additionally, to achieve successful branding, you should recognise that you focus on meeting user needs for them to continue using the app. A proper understanding of the user experience is a crucial requirement that best app developers utilise which you should implement to develop an app that fits the market. Therefore, during mobile app development, you should develop an app whose design offers features and elements which users can appreciate using.

Analyze competitors

checking in
You should realise as a developer that the branding of mobile applications as an ongoing process. Nowadays, every business engages in branding their apps; therefore, you should consider employing innovative ideas to popularise your mobile app. It is good practice for you to analyse your competitor’s strategies to inform and enhance your strategy of branding your apps to have a market lead.
To beat your competitors, ensure that you regularly modify and update your application branding strategies often. You should try out several branding strategies as a developer to select the best one. Also, making changes to branding techniques will always enable you to handle emerging trends as well as meeting the ever-changing consumer preferences.

Inspiring examples


Starbucks mobile app for a long time has managed to offer the much-needed user experience through the convenient purchase of its products. It established itself in the market by enabling its customers to place orders via their mobile phones. The adoption of mobile marketing led to the company acquiring a reputation for innovation. Today the company has over 13 million clients who use its app covering well over seven million transactions in a week.


Airbnb main focus at the time of launching its application was the ever-changing needs of the market. To create a successful brand, it embarked on developing a mobile app that could cope with the changes in technology trends. The app featured chats between hosts and guests and in-app referral program which enhanced the user experience, hence the brand’s growth and popularity.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts captured its share in the market by centring its efforts on customer’s loyalty. It embarked on a risky experiment in a bid to realise its loyal patronage. The company decided to abandon their web-based and paper loyalty program and made use of a mobile application. The project offered their consumers in-app discounts as well as benefits on a location basis. As a result, the experience amongst its users was terrific leading to increased popularity, hence, the growth of the company.

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