Importance of an App Landing Page

App Landing Page can be defined as an interface that introduces a visitor to your app or customer with what your application is about. It is a page that is dedicated and designed usually by a mobile app developer to portray the elements of their versatile application. It is generally alluded to as your “landing page/homepage” of a particular mobile app. It is where your app user will land immediately when they click on your app. It will determine whether the user will stay on the page or decide to leave. The fact that the page determines whether the user will stay or leave makes the app landing page very crucial and important being the heart and soul of the application.

Other reasons why your app landing page becomes more important are due to the factor that it becomes the center for all information identified with your application which the users need to know. Likewise, it helps in shaping the identity of your application in terms of logo, color, palette, and typography. It also helps in pointing out the purpose of your app as it evolves and develops. It becomes a point of a social channel that empowers one to assemble messages or beta analyzers and client input while it is the first method of association with clients to keep the happiness levels high post-dispatch.

Forming your app story

The initial stage of your landing page should line up with the last stage of the application. When your application ideas are complete and there is the advancing of the marking materials, a domain name is required to be purchased for the use of the app. The page helps in legitimizing the application and acts as the place where potential users can access it.
Application story
The landing page is the place your application outline’s its personality. It is also where your brand for the application is developed through its typography, color palettes, iconography, and logo. Additionally, incorporation of early on mystery things may be necessary and an email to sign up. Different fields are discretionary and should be incorporated in view of the events that are vital to the application. The incorporation of some abnormal state data about when you intend to go live, however, remembers that dispatch dates ought to dependably be viewed as the liquid.

Receive your first feedbacks

It is important for you to get feedback from the users of the app. Some of the reasons why feedback is important are:

  • Helps in the improvement of the quality of the software.
  • Can aid you in making a more improved and advance decision in the future app development.
  • It is very effective in the identification of areas that need more engagement and improvement.
  • It may also lead to customer satisfaction if used wisely.

Receive first feedbacks
This help the mobile app developer to improve in areas that the users feel that has some shortcoming or areas that can be added into the application to improve its interface and usability. Some consideration of becoming more creative in the promotion of the app is necessary for it to be launched successfully. These can be done through promotional content such as short promo videos or interactive graphics.

It is important to build social networks that help you in getting feedback from the users. The link to the social networks chosen for communication should connect at a central location for the different communication channels. This enables users to have a defined area for learning about your app. Social media gives a wide perspective for reaching out to users and to take the game even further. The users of your app should be allowed to be able to share the app link on their social media platforms. From the contacts that are collected from the email sign up forms and the social media networks. An App developer can reach out to their users for more ideas that can improve and further develop their app. Through such kind of discussion, the App programmer finds ways of managing issues that are identified with the features of your app that were most certainly not even accounted for during the planning period.

The effort from the feedback is useful in getting a figure of how your application will be gotten once it dispatches. A certain group of the user may even be keen on giving more involved input by utilizing the application itself as a component of a formalized beta testing gathering. Other criticism originates from breaking down the hard information on your landing page that users give when they associate with the advertising messages. You can test an assortment of messages on your point of arrival and social diverts in the weeks paving the way to dispatch to pinpoint the kinds of advertising material the clients incline toward.

Good landing page

The elements that should be included in a good mobile app landing page are:

  • The name of the App and Logo: The name of the App and the logo helps users identify with the App. In cases where your App has not yet been launched the logo will help either an app company or individual app developer to be identified with your app. The landing page should clearly have these two elements above the fold.
  • Short and precise headline: These should include a short description of your app and should not be ambiguous but short and to the point. Within a period of less than two to three minutes a visitor looking at it should know all the data related to your app. This is because of the way that users of the web have a short attention span and inside that period the heading of your app should have the capacity to capture a visitor’s attention.
    precise headline
  • An inclusive description of your app: Give more detailed data in relation to your app in this area including the uniqueness and the advantages. Make sure a call for action is incorporated into the itemized description after getting the visitor excited about the app. The call for action should be precise, persuasive and easier for the audience to take the desired action. If your app is already launched and available in the market, then it should lead the visitor to download for the app. If not, then the visitor can sign up to the mailing list for future information. When launching an app, a screen capture or a video of the application can be used to give the visitor more insight. The video should be informative and not necessarily sophisticated but just give a brief introduction and market the app in relation to what it does and features.
    description of your app
  • Create a brand: How to launch an app and making it memorable in front of customers and users is by creating a brand. Give the app great ideas that create a brand and help visitors of the app be able to identify with it. For example, an app that is made for children’s audience can be branded with bright ideas, pictures, and attractive colors’ in the design of the landing page to be able to attract children.
    professional creativity with clean featured theme

Examples of landing pages

  • Leaflet: This landing page includes a niece and a clean design with a black background and a green leaf incorporated inside it. An image is available on the landing page that shows how the app is being used. The CTA button is prominent and the price of the app is also available on its side. This aide in the lessening of financial misunderstandings during the customer app conversion.
    Iphone app designed
  • Starmatic: This is a landing page mostly used in iPhones. The images that are on the page show how the product is being used. There is the presence of a CTA button that is clear on what the visitor needs to do on conversion to the app and what is expected. The copy button gives information to the user such the history and details about the app.
    rediscover photography


A mobile app landing page is essential for the marketing of an app and in order for the app conversion. It is well known that first impression is always what determines what the user will decide. For mobile app companies, if they have an effective landing page then this will reflect on their revenue that is generated from the mobile app. Both the app developer and the app programmer should center on the criticism from the users of your app. It is imperative to have uniqueness of your app. It is important to have a well-organized app landing page to be able to acquire the capacity to attract more user to your application.

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