What platform is better for application Development: iOs or Android?

You may probably be wondering which platform is the best for application development as a business person. It is important for you to take a look at various attributes in order to make the most suitable business choice. iOs, which stands for iPhone Operating System is a system software developed by Apple Inc. to run on Apple’s mobile devices. Android is also an operating system that runs on most mobile devices and is developed by Google.

Battle: iOs vs AndroidYou can reduce the level of risks associated with app development and marketing through a clear definition of resources, audience and your intended aim. However, it is important to understand the basics of app development between Android and iOS platforms since making the right choice serves as half success. We will, therefore, take a closer look at several attributes you should consider in order to choose between android versus iOS development.


For you to make the right decision as a business person, you ought to understand the market share that each of the mobile platforms possesses against the others. By taking a closer look at the iOS and android market, there has been a transition of the platforms’ landscape. Android has had a greater section of the market though this appears to be changing. In the year 2018, we have experienced a slight reduction in the usage of android applications in some countries such as Canada, Japan, Egypt, Italy, Ireland, Colombia and Argentina. In these countries, Android usage has been surpassed by the rising usage of KaiOS.
Statistics on using different operating systems
Comparing Android to iOS in terms of the level of usage, you can simply note that Android stands to be having the most users. Some of the countries that we’ve noted an increased usage of iOS include US, UK, France, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Italy and Nigeria. In the United States, the usage of mobile operating system favours Android usage by 63.5% whereas that of iOS lies at 36.3%. The remaining percentage (0.2%) has been taken over by windows and other operating systems. Android provides an incredible app marketing platform surpassing all other mobile operating systems.

Developments Costs and Time

The decision you make during app development will go at a cost and the duration will vary. The cost of app development for both Android and iOS is almost the same. It is essential for you to take a look at the things you might lose as well as those that you might gain. Cost and time are some of the major aspects that you, as a business person, might use during app development.
Estimated time of development
You might think of making use of a cross-platform, which allows operation on both Android and iOS though this will ultimately cost an extra amount since more integrations will have to be done. Android app development makes use of Java in coding which requires the app developer to write more codes compared to iOS which utilizes Swift. This gives you an insight that the two platforms have a varying coding process as opposed to the common myth where they are considered pretty much the same.


App development in Android requires the app developer to develop more codes on Kotlin/Java than an Apple developer would require to do on Swift. The level of potential bugs to be sorted out and numbers of testing hours usually increase with a rise in device range in Android applications where segmentation is available. Segmentation is unavailable on devices that run on iOS.
Uploading an application in play store takes less time, is affordable and quite easy. The process takes a few hours for the program to go live on the market after the initial acceptance process. Moreover, updating an application in play-store does not require any validation and is very easy. Android application development is, therefore, slower due to the following reason:

  • XML layout;
  • Fragmentation;
  • Emulators are slower;
  • A greater number of codes.

The cost of development on both Android and iOS is almost the same though this is dependent on several factors including adaptations, time spent and hourly rates.


Considering time consumption as a determining factor, you might decide to choose iOS to move from android to iOS since app development in Android takes more time. However, this may vary depending on the level of complexity of the application. Apple developer may, however, take much time when adjusting the application to suit the strict restrictions and rules provided by the App Store when uploading your app to the store. The latter, google play, provides a more flexible platform to the developer since they have more freedom.
The process of uploading an app in app store may involve several issues regarding validation and testing for bugs before being accepted on the platform. This may lead to more costs and time when compared to PlayStore. For both Android and iOS, different app developers and equipment could be required during the app development process. Most probably, this will cost you a different amount of money.

Who Spends more: Android or iOS users?

Statistically, iOS holders tend to spend more money than Android owners. If you intend to come app with a paid app or even monetize your application, then IOS is the best choice. Although the level of downloads from PlayStore twice that of iOS, income levels in the App store is much higher.
Also, you might need to consider that android holders have a lesser motivation to pay for an app. This is because of being used to free apps and partly because they have an overall lower income and payability. If you intend to cover a larger market without necessarily having to monetize your app, the best choice would be to go for android.


Revenue from application

We have experienced the increased use of advertisements in android application than in iOS. When considering Android and iOS development, you need to take into consideration the higher level of limitation when it comes to advertising in iPhone. The iPhone company have a higher object to advertisements in their applications as compared to android. Most android users may fail to notice the trend but with the use of iOS, one might notice the trend.
As a businessperson, you might opt to go for an android application since this will ultimately be advantageous when conducting marketing and promotions within the android market. If you intend to market your products and services via mobile applications, freemium and in-app ads would be the most income-generating for android. On the other hand, premium and freemium are the most applicable approaches for iOS in-app.


You should, therefore, consider making use of Android application considering the above-discussed attributes to ensure that you keep up with the rising competition needs. Notably, you should continually check on updates within the market since most mobile app company is continually looking for more opportunities and technologies to stay ahead.
NOTE: Remember to take into consideration the expectations and preference of your target market. These are the individuals who have issues to solve with the application. You should, therefore, try to understand their expectations through effective research and conduct some analysis. For instance, a particular market niche may have a preference of one platform compared to the other.

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