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Determine goals and in-App user events

The type of in-App events to include in your application largely depends on the objectives of your company. It is worth noting as an app developer that each application covers a world of its own. Some of the business goals that as an app developer your app may include engagement, retention, or even offering lifetime value to your customers. In-App event optimization begins the time at which you identify the correlation between these events and business goals.

For example, it is an objective of every business to attain a high-lifetime value. For such a case, it is important as a mobile app developer undertake app conversation tracking to capture vital data involving multiple parameters. Therefore, to optimize app enables you to conduct experiments which equip you with required data for maximizing your app business value.

Tying your business objectives such as engagement or retention together with in-App events to achieve your goals involves the creation of a star marketing plan. Keeping track of user activities informs your decisions on segmenting your target audience and also enables you to attain your primary goals as well as make money for your company. As business owners, researching to determine the time and days which to adjust your apps campaigns offers you a chance to generate more revenue.

There exist important activity metrics which offers you the ability to determine your app lifetime value, retention, and engagement. It is crucial for you to conduct some tests to inform you of your progress in achieving the set goals. There exist various ways through which you can accomplish the same some of which includes:

  • daily active user;
  • ratings and reviews;
  • registration/downloads.

Application monetarization

Daily active user helps you determine the retention level as well as engagement. Downloads/registration correlates with the everyday active user and acts as a measurement for consultations. Reviews and ratings help you capture what the users think about your app and measure its lifetime value.

Deep link

Establishing a deep connection translates to a successful conversion of your mobile app. The importance of a deep relationship reveals itself through the linkability of websites to its content. Deep links is a replacement of sites hyperlinks. It creates an active channel for user retention as well as acquisition.

Deep links serve vital importance in bridging any divide between email, websites, and the mobile applications. More so, it enables your users to open your app via a standardized webpage and email. To realize high conversion, it is necessary that you offer the reduced price indicated while marketing products that led to the user installing your app. If the promotion suggests a 50% off, make sure you give your customers the price cut on offer.

app not installed – deferred deeplinking
Deep linking is a complex undertaking as it involves routing of web browsers to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) URL as well as mobile to particular open applications. However, the benefits associated with deep linking are worth the user’s experience. For example, various marketers are capable of connecting their digital channels to your mobile app, therefore; enabling you to make money with apps.


It is important for you to consider the plan of your app to influence the users positively. You should direct your efforts in maintaining a simple interface and also focus on actions that would result in a repeat usage. The fact that only a third of the mobile screen is accessible effortlessly by a thumb, it is important to identify an ideal position for placing your elements which drive the critical metrics of conversation. More so, you should explore to deliver a tailored experience to your different user groups.
User experience

NUX (New User Experience)

For new users, it is crucial for you to consider the manner in which to introduce them to your mobile app. Some of the possible ways you can enhance their experience include social login, new investment feeling, friction reduction and interaction increase, and experimenting with different flows. With social login options, you enjoy the likelihood of reduced barriers to entry. Some such social logins available include Google; Facebook; and emails.
Making users have a feeling of early investment can help you achieve higher user experience. If you want to attain high app conversions, consider limiting the number of input entries on the small size mobile screen. Ensure that you offer features such as; image browsing, sortation, and filtering. Such features assist you in reducing friction and at the same time increase interaction. For retention purposes, consider the inclusion of labeled icons; instructional mode; and un-restricted content. Such experimentation of different flows can significantly inform your decision on which experience to adopt.

Comfortable tap

Comfortable taps, swipe, and pinch capabilities are some of the most exciting features your mobile application could ever offer. The necessity of having comfortable touch is to attain increased user interaction with your content. The touchscreen provides features such as swapping; quick scrolling; and content pinching.
Many consumers prefer scrolling on phones compared to desktops as it is much more comfortable. Therefore, mobile app developers should work towards discovering different models to build on to help users achieve their goals. Satisfying user needs is the only way to make more money from mobile applications.


The fact that mobile phone screens are considerably small in size compared to desktops requires you to stripe content to the minimum. As much as you endeavor to employ constraints during mobile app development, you should take in to account the ability for users to perform central actions without much struggle. Striking a balance on exploration and focus delights your users towards a repeated use.
Therefore, as a mobile app developer, provide an easy to follow user guidance process flow to enable users to perform a series of activities. It is worth noting that constraining focused experiences limits the user freedom resulting to app abandonment regarding limited functionality. More so, you should avoid the use of complex flows as such confuse users.


As a developer, you should consider carrying out analysis on your mobile application especially monitoring user activities after installation. With a well-executed study, you can identify significant success and failures of your application. For example, a cohort report offers you the ability to successfully group your users having common attributes as well as measuring specific key performance indicator (KPIs) at different times.
Make analyzation
More so, analysis enables you to quantify the quality of an average consumer and determine if it is on a decline or increasing over time. To perform a review, you can use one of the in-app events on your application.

Sum up

To create real value, consider offering a mobile app and one with excellent conversions, it is necessary for developers to center on the above-highlighted measures among others. As noticed herein, it is apparent that the success of your application goes beyond marketing efforts. Generally, the ease by which your users accomplish their tasks via your app correlates with its conversion rate.
An app that offers an excellent experience stands a chance for repeated use and can only get abandoned when the user especially a new one encounters difficulties. Analyzing user activities could enable you to establish and rate the performance of your app and make a judgment on its future. Therefore, it is important that your app offers in-app events to enable you to conduct such an analysis.

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